It’s time to plan for the future. Provo’s infrastructure has been neglected and is failing. Our sewers are decades out of date, we’re not prepared to handle the increasing demands for housing, our cities safety has been consistently overlooked, and we’re missing out on valuable natural energy opportunities. We need to start making decisions that will prepare us for the Provo of tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference and help our beloved city thrive for years to come.


Provo’s crime rate is up 2x. This isn’t acceptable to me, and hopefully not to you. I want to help attack that head on by:

  • Adding police officers to the force
  • Adding dispatchers to our team
  • Educating our residents
  • Involve our community in keeping us safe
  • Reduce opportunity for crime

Planning for the Future

Provo’s city is amazing, I know it. That is why I chose to raise my family here. But I want to continue that legacy for my kids family. I plan on doing that by:

  • Helping financially prepare Provo for necessary city updates
  • Help update our city hall to be earthquake and fireproof
  • Update our water lines to fill the growing population
  • Update our sewer plant to match the needs of the city

Financially Minded

As a business owner who plans for financial futures, I want to make sure that Provo has what it takes to make it. I plan to do that by

  • Starting to grow a contingency fund to help Provo
  • Save money for the changes that need to happen
  • Cut costs where we don’t need to be making them
  • Use in house resources before outsourcing

Vibrant Business Environment

Part of what makes Provo so great is our ever growing Entrepreneur field. We have many amazing businesses popping up and growing around us. I want to help continue that movement.

  • Help create a great buying environment
  • Encourage entrepreneurship in our city
  • Help boost sales taxes to encourage businesses to stay with us

A Vision for the Future

Like the famous balancing rock, governing a city requires the ability to evaluate many different interests and needs and then make policies and decisions which keep everything in balance – both now and in the future. This is critically important when developers present proposals to change the nature of a neighborhood, when government agencies (like the UTA) want to make major changes, and maybe even more so when the city council determines how to allocate and generate revenue.

As I reviewed the 2017 actual budget and 2018 proposed city budgets, I was surprised by how many and how vast the differences were (in virtually every department) between what was budgeted for and what was actually spent. Our city council has delayed a number of critical projects for years, and are thereby creating a significant liability for us as it relates to our infrastructure. We must prioritize our needs and differentiate between needs and wants. Since costs increase far faster than savings or earnings on savings, we need to realize that not making a decision is actually a decision, and that it will likely lead to far greater costs in the future.


We can make a difference. Join our team if you believe in making Provo a better place.