Sometimes the city council needs to look beyond what is presented to them to make a wise decision.The proposed construction project on 4800 N is a perfect example. I’ve tried to get the council to consider the impact this development will have on the 8 acres on the south side of 4750 N if its ‘landlocked’ without a secondary ingress & egress. Once the buildings are built it will be too late to provide a road to the light at 4800 N.  When the houses on 4750 are sold and the land re-developed, the intersection on University Ave. will become a collision zone and people will die.

Additionally, the 8 residents on 4750 N have their own wells and septic tanks, they are not on city water and sewer. There might be concerns about old septic tanks near one of Provo’s wells and Provo River. Either way, provisions need to be made for hooking them up to both water and sewer in the future.  The council has not included this in their deliberations either.

I think the items I tried to mention are CRITICALLY important to making a good decision.  I wish I’d been allowed time to adequately cover them. Sometimes it is important for the council to look beyond the scope of the project presented to thoroughly evaluate the issue and make a decision. The sewer and secondary access are issues that if not addressed now, will become more problematic or impossible to rectify in the future.  Personally, I think the city should buy a road access through the 9 acres to the stoplight on 4800 N, as the 4750 as the only access for the land on the south is unsafe and will become more so as those 8+ acres are developed when the ownership transitions.

I also think protecting our businesses is critically important to the health and vitality of our city and one of the council’s primary objectives.