I am a proud Provo resident who is keenly aware and qualified to tackle the issues our great city faces. I have been personally involved in many organizations and groups in Provo and am passionate about helping our great city maximize it’s potential.

The Family is a core value in Provo and for me. I am the father of six children, five of whom are married, and grandfather of nine. I love my children and my grandchildren. Having lived over 12 years outside Utah, I appreciate what a unique and wonderful family oriented environment/culture Provo offers our residents.

I have served as the Riverside Neighborhood Chair for over seven years, representative of NE Provo, and the Chair of the Neighborhood Advisory Board for several years. Some of those responsibilities require meeting with the planning commission, city council, and employees of Provo’s Community Development office to represent neighbors as plans are presented regarding the development and construction of new residential or business sites in Provo.

Always trying to improve myself, I joined weight watchers to help lose weight and so far in 2017, I have shed over 40 pounds. As part of that process I have participated in several virtual 5k races at Provo’s Rec Center.

My wife Amy and I enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of nature. I am a strong proponent of activities that will protect our environment, our air, water, and lands. I have explored the idea of generating more power from snow/ice runoff and I promote the local movement to have people walk and bike more.

Growing up with my family in the military, I had the opportunity to live outside the United States for 8 years by the time I was 21. Having experienced the life and life styles of many different cultures, I appreciate what a unique and special place Provo is. I’m happy we are able to host and share it with people from all over the United States and the world. I want to help sustain the Provo we love for the next 50-100 years and beyond.

Provo has many treasures when it comes to our quality of life. Bowling, movies, the Covey Center, many unique places to eat and shop, roof top concerts, the Provo river, mountains, Provo lake, and the list goes on and on. I have enjoyed many of them like bowling with my family.