One of the main reasons I’m running for the city council in Provo is because I think businesses, especially local businesses, are the ‘life blood’ of a city. The better the business environment the healthier and more vibrant the city. I had the opportunity yesterday in the course of my day to visit a couple of local firms. I welcome your ideas, suggestions and concerns.

Provo Store OwnerThe true ‘gold’ of any city is its businesses. We must ‘unlock the vault’ and support our businesses to have a vibrant and healthy city. Businesses of all types and sizes are important.  They provide jobs and income with allow people to live in Provo, buy or rent housing, get married and raise families, attend school and even shop in our city. The businesses themselves pay sales tax and increase the value of the property where they are located, which is also taxed and both of which support our city.

I would like to earn your support.