Scott, and Provo Neighborhood Chairs & Vice Chairs,

As a Neighborhood Chair myself and candidate I’m very interested in and concerned about the ability for candidates to be able to meet the voters I Provo. This invitation highlights a concern for all of us. On the night of the Daily Herald’s Open house, June 22nd, there are at least 3 other neighborhood meetings at the same time. Like other candidates, I would love to attend all of the events and meet all of the voters; but, that is not possible.

I wish there was a way to coordinate (potentially on a centralized site) or combine meetings (i.e. at the area level vs neighborhood level) especially during the primary part of the campaign, since the time is so short. For Provo, the primary ballots will be mailed to voters in about 1 month from now and the election date is just a couple weeks later.

Mike Roan
Neighborhood Chair
Candidate for Provo City Council