I’m glad Mike is being proactive and wants to serve in city government. He is one who will let his voice be heard and has great ideas that will benefit the citizens of Provo. I own a business here in Provo, and it’s nice to know there are people serving on the council who are pro-business. Mike is certainly one who is pro-business and firmly believes in the beauty of the free-enterprise system. Free market forces are what has produced the society we enjoy today. And, Mike will help to continue this tradition where government intervention will be minimal. I encourage you to lend your support to Mike by giving him your vote.

Randy Russon

Founder, Top CFOS

One of the traits of a strong leader is being able to step forward in opportune times. Today, and in the next few years, Provo will face new challenges. We must be prepared to move forward. I have known and worked with Mike Roan for several years. Mike has the talents and abilities to lead our city forward. Mike always acts with integrity, caring, and thoughtfulness—traits that are crucial during city council deliberations. Mike has contributed countless volunteer hours to support our community. His knowledge, leadership, and thoughtfulness will be immediately evident in working with the mayor and other council members. I urge you to join with me in voting for Mike Roan.

Jeff Kahn

Resident, 3875 Little Rock Drive • Provo, Utah 84604

“I have worked with Mike for years and find him to be smart and caring. He would make a great addition to the Provo City Council.”

Carol Warnick


I’ve known Mike Roan my entire life. When my Dad needed advice I watched him turn to Mike on multiple occasions. Mike was the friend who helped my Dad to be able to accept a Living Donor liver transplant. A miracle which literally saved my Dad’s life. Mike Roan has always been there for my family and I’ve no doubt that he’ll be there for yours as part of the Provo City Council.

Roy Long

I’ve served with Mike on UVU’s Veteran Success Center Board since 2015 and have found him insightful, energetic, and results-oriented.  I have particularly appreciated Mike’s incisive analysis of issues and identification of solutions.  Mike will prove to be an important and welcome addition to the Provo City Council.

John Bahme

Board Member

Mike Roan is a friend, mentor and was my professor at Utah Valley University. I met Mike when I first moved from Ghana 6years ago and had the opportunity to enroll in his class. He is a master teacher of finance and always challenged us to think critically and objectively. He was very accessible to students and took the time to meet with us individually and showed great care for every one of his students. 6years later; I still enjoy this friendship and visiting with him and his family. If you believe in electing a leader who has great perspective, sound understanding, passion for a great cause and willingness to serve, the mike is your guy!

Brian Hammond