Building and Maintaining Infrastructure

Stonehenge has stood the test of time. Building and maintaining Provo’s infrastructure needs to withstand the test of time as well as to continue to serve our needs and the needs of our children well into the future. We cannot continue to use it beyond its useful life and not build and maintain for the future without increased adverse consequences.

Addressing the Crisis

Just like each of us maintains, updates and improves our own homes, the city MUST do the same. It’s exciting to see people investing in their own homes and neighborhoods. The city also needs to constantly monitor its infrastructure – repairing roads, replacing water tanks, upgrading the lines which deliver water to fire hydrants and home, serving new developments, adding earthquake protective measures to many things, updating the sewer plant and potentially relocating it as the population grows, it becomes obsolete, or exceeds its useful life.

Unfortunately these things all cost money. And, the costs for these sorts of things increase faster than the city can save money and earn interest on its savings. So, it can be a case of the ‘the longer we wait, the more behind we get’. Often the desire to not require people to pay more money causes city councils to NOT deal with issues, such as these, in a timely manner. Sometimes, things are left unaddressed until they become a crisis and there is no choice but to deal with them. This is almost ALWAYS the absolutely MOST EXPENSIVE possible option.

Unfortunately, we are well down this road in Provo, as it relates to both our fresh water and sewer infrastructure.