We need to be able to run our city with precision and be able to analyze a situation and consider every possible course of action. This is a role that I fulfill daily in my professional life. My business, Bonneville Multi-Family Office, helps people plan and prepare for their future, anticipating and preparing for multiple challenges. We analyze a situation and look at it from every angle to determine what courses of action are available. It is like the quarterback in a football game. A quarterback’s ultimate objective is to score points and to win the game. For that to happen constant choices need to be made. The quarterback needs to be able to survey the field each play and be able to analyze every option he has available and use his expertise to make the best decision. In order for the quarterback to be successful he needs to be able to rely on the skills and abilities of the players on his team, who are all striving for the same goal. The quarterback can’t do everything, nor does he have all of the skills necessary to accomplish the goals on his own. From each play, there are many different ways to score, as is illustrated in this image. Points are only scored when the players unique potential and skills are utilized by making smart decisions.

Governing the city is the same. Success is achieved when many different people with different skills, talents, abilities and responsibilities work together to move the city toward its goals. The city council, like the quarterback, needs to take full advantage of all of the players on the team to move forward. In order for the goals of the city to be realized the city council needs to utilize the people on their team by making smart decisions.

This ability is a strength of mine. I have vision and discernment in planning and decision making. I am eager to demonstrate and utilize those abilities on Provo’s behalf in the city council.