My name is Mike Roan and I want to help Provo reach its potential for the sake of the great people who live here. Here is a little bit about me.

I have worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years.  I attended BYU as an undergraduate and graduated with a focus on the financial impacts of aging and preparing for those.  I’m one of the first 400 Certified Financial Planners in the US (currently over 70,000).  I’ve worked helping individuals and small businesses with their long range financial needs in UT, WA, & IL. I’ve built a flagship branch (over 100 financial advisors) in Chicago, distributed financial products and trained advisors in MI, IL, OH &WI for a national and regional firm.  I’ve created a wealth management business for an international firm in Tokyo and created & managed over $6 Billion in packaged investment products in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia & Taiwan with team members there as well as Europe and the US.

For the past 15 years I’ve lived in Provo.  Here, professionally I own a ‘multi-family office’ which provides comprehensive financial advice and implementation, working with peer professionals, for individuals and small businesses primarily located in Utah County.  I’ve been actively involved with the Utah Valley Estate Planning Council, having served on its board for 4 years and am the immediate past president.  I’ve also been involved with the Utah Financial Planning Association for 15 years.  I developed and taught an in-class and online core curriculum course on personal financial planning at UVU for 3 years.  I’ve served on 2 advisory boards at UVU for a total of 5 years – Aviation Science and the Veterans’ Success Center.  I’ve served on the board of my (11 acre) condo association for 7 years, including time as treasurer and president.  I am a board member (6 years) on the Alpine Village (165 student units) Condos in Provo.  I also own a standalone rental property in Orem, near UVU.

Additionally, in Provo I’m a graduate of the Citizen’s Police Academy, and have served on the Police Department’s Citizen’s Advisory Board since its inception.  I’ve been a neighborhood chair (one of 34) for the past 7 years, an Area Representative (one of 5) for the past 3 years, and the Chair of the Neighborhood Advisory Board for 3 years.  I was involved in reviewing and helping to re-draft parts of the neighborhood ordinance for Provo.  I have met often with department heads in Provo, planning commission and council members on numerous issues facing our city over the past decade.  I’ve also written guest editorials in the Daily Herald regarding our council’s procedural activities and have advocated publicly about many local issues for the betterment of Provo and its residents.  I am also a legacy member of the Provo Rec Center and use it multiple times each week.

I’ve also actively served in a number of religious based service positions. Currently I am serving in a senior care facility in Provo and working in the LDS temple one day/week.