I’ve been proud and excited to serve on Provo Police Department’s Citizens Advisory Board for the past three years/since its inception. These are some of the 20+ citizen members of the board, with several members of the command staff, Community Oriented Policing (COP) office and Public Information Office.

The Citizens Advisory Board has discussed everything from the new policy for Body Worn Cameras, to officer involved shootings, to crime statistics, to homelessness vs panhandling, to dealing with mental illness, to compensation and benefits, to community involvement, to the national press as it relates to policing in cities throughout the nation, etc. We’ve held educational seminars and dialogue sessions for many groups throughout the city, to enhance relationships with different groups and foster improved communication, including; minority groups, students, and others. A very unique experience was the opportunity to personally use the new 330 training facility, which simulates real life interactions in potentially dangerous crime and hostile situations. It gives a whole new meaning to virtual reality training.

It’s been a fantastic learning experience and an unparalleled opportunity to learn about a wide range of situations affecting the safety of Provo and its residents – us. Among all of the candidates running for any city council position, I am the ONLY ONE who has been involved with this aspect of our city’s government, operations and safety.

Provo’s Police officers and staff not only ‘serve and protect’, they love PROVO and continually give back to our community, like the summer’s ‘Brot with a Cop’ weekly BBQs. These weekly events are an opportunity for all of us who live in Provo to get to know them on a more personal level. Safety is of primary concern and I’ve loved serving on Provo’s Police Advisory Board for the last three years (since inception).